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I got tagged by samueltd!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 13, 2012, 7:20 AM
i've never been tagged before. hopefully i did it right.

1) What's your favorite food?
i do love sushi and selfmade slushies

2)  Pizza or Hot Dog?
i can't eat either of them - allergies

3)  You like drawing?
i like it alot - thats what i do when i can't sleep...

4)  What TV show do you like best?
bones, she and booth match very well :)

5)  Where do you live?
in europe. more precisely, since march 2011 in berlin :)

Think before you act...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 10:42 AM

Thanks can be shown in many ways...

everyone please stop to thank me for the llama's i give as well as for the points. i guess with my decision to give you something is it said that you deserve them.

plus with every thank my page gets more and more messages which include only a thanks. the smilies are funny but i can't keep count of all.
and when i search for something exspecially i can't find it eiter.

so please send a note to thank or view the artworks as i did before i made my decisions. i won't keep you to thank but please choose a way so every one gets something of it.

when i get something i look at their page and their art, may add it to my collection or occasionally i write a comment or rarely i decide to watch their work. that's a way i think to spread the work and imagination of every one around the globe.

you may know how annoying it can be if someone demands or claims something of you.

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digital painting rookie

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 30, 2010, 5:17 PM

an hour and some minutes ago i did upload my entry for the
art water contest and another digital painting is on it's way.
a piece for halloween, i had the idear one week before
this year's and started it but than the artwater contest came up,
so it's still on hold.

but next there will be the long hold clip of my teddy,
which is used as a visual in my portfolio and may some
know - that'S one sequence of it.…

i am still rookie with digital painting but what do you think?
does it gets better?

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since quiet some time i can't get a
song out of my head. So my mind got
swayed away - and here there was the image
of fireflies. *lol*

the same title as the unforgetable song
fireflies by owl city

now try to find out, what am i listening to
when i work on the piece? it shouldn't be
to hard to find out...

here are the lines…

please guys - who ever comes by - what are your
first impressions of these lines?

i feel just alike a night owl - during the night
is the most silent time during a day..
it has been already about 11,5 hours i am working
on the colours and actually only the skin parts are

tomorrow, the hair will may drive me nutz - because
i am uncertain which colour should both characters
get :/ in the last piece i tried already blue, green
and brown.

we'll see.
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Dear Gents and Lads, who ever comes by.

At DA it's the largest audience of
international users I could imagine.

I do love angels and so I want to try to
sample as much as possible poems of angels.

When you write it in your own language,
please add the the autor and if you can
an english translation, please.

Please give it a shot and help.
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I have been so excited about this game but than reality catched up and 3 Eggs died.
Life tells - there has to be just one at a time.

So i beg everyone who visit this page, just click at the link - thats all you need to do.
Adopt one!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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i have visited hellobaby's site and it came to it that i registred and got an egg. so i am trying a new online game, please help me and the Egg's to hatch and to feed the dragons.

For now i have only eggs but i guess soon they'll be gracefully dragons.

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
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night owl

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 7, 2009, 12:04 PM
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it has been an extreme long timeterm since i have written anything. to be honest, there wasn'n anytime because of a very buzy training in dresden and now one project after another.
plus there is only a short moment til the last term of my studies. i kind of miss to draw - yesterday i started because i couldn't sleep. In that way i recognized that i really need to buy soon some more polychromos... geez they are so expensive. bun on the otherside i use them to create x-mas presents.

thats kind of a devil's circle - don't you think?
on the one hand being student is great but on the other you have always to look what you get + u got to look exactly at the price label. in that case i always wish to be a successful graduated student.

But i guess everything takes its time...

got to do some more work - which i do non stop ... just to graduate at the best level i can... it's a shame that there isn't any pointsystem like in japan or us with those 100% and so on.
my university has only the pointsystem like in highschool... until 15points...

see ya - this week i should finish up some more artworks+some scribbles... i would be grateful for any comments i get of you guys.

carpe diem + have a nice and silent night!

being a night owl has several advantages - no roommate is awake+silence with an opened window -> not that much traffic infront of it.

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i beg you for help

Tue Jun 23, 2009, 3:28 AM
i'm such a dreamer ...

hi guys, it's the first  time i'm asking someone in that case for help.
please click on the link and do as u are told there. tx.…

i cant stop to think or forget things which happened ones...
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Wed Nov 15, 2006, 4:32 PM
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i'm such a dreamer ...


now i am sitting here - thinking just of u ...
have my teddy on my laps to have something in my arms
because there was never someone
did that with me - when i wished it
i thoughts ones .. i cant feel or either love someone
than i saw the beaty of this island ...
it touched the empty space in me ..and it started to grow

now as i went back to this island - about i am so faszinate
with all it myths ... miracles ... beaty ...

beaty something what i think i dont own... may only
from the things i create and draw .. but what means beaty
do u have to have much of it that someone recognized you
that someone would likes you how and for who you are ..

always as i tried to imagine my future i saw myself
alone living in a flat with a cat and a dog ... but
now only through - u started writing to me .
i got the courrage for more - to think of a future to share
it with u ...

now i wish only that i had wings - close them around that
noone hears u cry and see all those tears..
which are running over my skin ... like tears from the sky...

ones my mum said .. it rains only when angels have t leave
or when they are feel sad... i dont know if that is might be true
but than when i dream of myself ... if i ever did owned wings..
they where black but in my dreams there are no wings...

1000feders laying around ... in so much blood ... down ur back ..
there is only dark blood and th bones of the wings are left..
so beautyful wings u might know from all te angel
which u can see everywhere - have always white glowing wings...

i hate it always when someone ask u -how are u- when u
just came back out of ur thoughs - or as some people told me
because how they saw me - u have to be so lonly ...

how can someone unknown read this out of that how they see u ...

i cant stop to think or forget things which happened ones...